Nasal Strips – Their Mechanism and how to use them

If you are experiencing problems in breathing, in that case nasal strips can be very helpful. These nasal strips are very useful when it comes to clearing the nasal path and help you to breathe easily and smoothly. There can be various reasons which might lead to a congested and blocked nose; colds, allergies and etc are some of them. With the help of these nasal strips you can get rid of these problems. With the help of these nasal strips, you can clear the channel which is used for breathing and get relieve from a very uncomfortable situation.

These nasal strips also very useful if you are looking to get rid of the habit of snoring. By clearing the breathing channel, these strips automatically prevents snoring. The fact that these strips are being recommended by the doctors goes to prove their effectiveness. They are very useful when it comes to treating ailments like asthma and other issues related to  Easy breathing.

The Mechanism of these Strips

In terms of the mechanism and design, these strips are quite simple. These strips are built with simple techniques which have proven to be very effective when it comes to clearing the nasal congestion which occurs due to various reasons and can give you a very difficult time.

These strips are made of flexi bands, which are spring like materials. They are designed in a way so that they can be quite easily fitted to the flare of the nostrils. These strips come with adhesives so that they can be easily fitted which makes sure that they don’t get displaced.

The Process of using the Nasal Strips

When it comes to using these nasal strips, the process is quite simple. You need to make sure that they are being used in the manner they are supposed to get the desired results. Here are a couple of tips which you might find helpful when it comes to using the nasal strips.

  • Make sure your Nose is Clean: Before you use these strips, you must make sure that your nose is cleaned properly. The reason why it is important to clean the nose is because the adhesive won’t stick on oily or wet skins. You must make sure that the nose is dried and cleaned properly before you use these strips
  • Set the Strip: In order to use the strip, you must remove the protective liner in order to expose the adhesive. Then position the strip on your nose. You need to ensure that the strip is being positioned properly in such a way that the center of the strip is placed along the width of the nose. Make sure that the tabs are positioned along the nostrils properly. The flaring part of the nostrils shouldn’t get covered completely by the tab. Place the tab slightly above your nostrils.
  • Apply the Strip: Gently rub the strip and then place it on your nose. You must make sure that you got the strip of the perfect size to fir into your nose.