Nasal Irrigation

Snoring is a common problem faced by people as they grow older. Although this is not a disease essentially, it is quite an irritating condition which is simply an external manifestation of some underlying health disorder. Snoring can be triggered by various factors such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems and most importantly chest congestion or blocked nasal passages. The problem of snoring increases with age as younger people and children do not snore as much. Although snoring is not a serious problem with major consequences, it does impair the quality of life and affect the productivity of an individual. Since times unknown, speculations have been done to eliminate this condition, but scientists have finally come to the conclusion that snoring cannot be ablated completely.

Fortunately there are certain remedies that one can employ to alleviate this problem. One of them involves the use of nasal strips. The latter is a convenient,ready to use and cheap nose gear that greatly eliminates snoring especially when the latter occurs due to blocked nasal pàsagès.

To understand the mechanism of the action of nasal strips, it is firstly essential to delve deeper into the basic reason behind snoring. In normal individuals, inhalation or the act of drawing breathe from the surrounding atmosphere is done with the help of the nose. The nose is specially equipped too perform this job because it possesses hair-like fine structures which not only disinfect the inhaled air but also conditions it by warming it to match the internal body temperature. People with obstructions in their nasal passages fail to carry out respiration through nose and thus have to resort to mouth inhalation. Snoring generally occurs as a desperate attempt of the body to inhale air by the nose during sleep I.e when the body is in unconscious state.

Snoring is quite a noisy act as it involves repeated intonations and whizzing sounds that continue throughout the duration of sleep. Needless to say, snoring does cause immense sleep disturbances to both the person affected as well as the sleeping partner. In this regard, it is important to mention that nasal strips are a quick and effective solution for the problem of snoring. Remedies to this problem also include yoga, drugs and breathing exercises, but all these are difficult to employ for a busy person. Nasal strips on the other hand are easy to use and the effects are immediate.

Nasal strips are thin, firm and flexible bands that grip the nose wings tightly during sleep and prevent snoring. They are highly elastic, which allows them to fit every nose shape with ease. Internally, they are built of lofty, spring-like elastic material which enable them to pull out the nasal passages and allow better nose breathing. This negates the need for mouse breathing too. Nasal strips are fit for every skin type as they are made of non-allergic materials. Also they come in shades of natural skin tones, which allow wearers to use them without hesitation and embarrassment. One can easily avail from online retailers or local suppliers.