Importance of using mouth guard in teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a severe condition that infects both the young and old people at night. Though most people consider it as something normal, it has serious effects like jaw disorder, damaged teeth and gum problems. Thus, they require proper care and attention before it might get too late. In this regard, mouth guards are often considered to be the best form of immediate cure.

This treatment has two kinds – ready-made or over-the-counter guards and the prescription or made-to-order guards. While the first one is made of plastic or thermoplastic material, they can be molded easily once heated in boiling water. They are cost-effective and most popular form of treatment. They hold your teeth in a fixed position while you are sleeping.

Dental mouth guards, on the other hand, are usually prescribed by the dentist. This form of treatment is quite expensive and requires proper time to be made. This is because it should be molded to go with the exact requirement of the person who will be wearing easybreathe mouth guard. There are only a few experts who have proper training and valid license for making mouth guards. A specialist crafts a plaster cast of your teeth from which mouth guard is patterned. Usually, prescription guards are prepared in the laboratory that does not require additional molding after they are made. They are worn and used by people who have braces or hard-to-fit mouth guards.

However, these mouth guards cannot heal problems related to teeth grinding, despite how consistent you wear them during the night. Well, it is actually the mind of human beings that forces facial muscles to move while you are taking a nap.

Stress, anxiety, tension and various dental problems are some causes that may lead to teeth grinding problems. If your anxiety and tension causes the teeth to grind during bedtime, then you need the help of psychotherapy than using easybreathe mouth guard. If some medicines cause that phenomenon in your mouth, talk to your physician for a replacement and give relaxation to the facial muscles.

Usually, mouth guards help ease chipped, damaged or broken teeth, prevent gum injuries and calm neck pain. However, this is not the only solution to bruxism. To know more about what is the main cause for your problem, talk to a doctor who has years of experience in this matter. He will be able to suggest if you can wear mouth guards and they are the right thing for your situation. It is advisable that you do not try out any medicine just for the sake of saving on consultation fees of the doctor. Otherwise, you may end up paying much more than expected.