Mouth guards, anti snore chin strap and nasal strips – What are they?


Mouth guards are necessary equipments that should be worn when you are playing some sport. Popularly called oral splints, dental mouth pieces, appliances or athletic guards, they are used for fighting bruxism, lessening the problem of snoring, enhancing temporomandibular joint issues, grinding teeth and preventing any kind of injury.

Different mouth guards – The use of each of them

  • Night guards – Also known as occlusal guards, they are used to stay away from bruxism or grinding teeth. They are made of strong plastic material that enables jaws to move freely. You should remove occlusal guards at night for providing relaxation to the jaw and facial muscles.
  • Snore guards – They help to decrease or prevent snoring problem at night. They are used for holding jaw and tongue in airway open position. They improve sleep for the individual and anyone sleeping close.
  • Athletic mouth guards – These prevent injury and pain to the teeth during athletics. They can be used by the children and adult who play any sport and can have risk with their mouth. This includes sports like football, basketball, baseball, rugby, soccer or hockey.

You can choose customized easy breathe mouth guard that are extremely durable. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning them daily. Store it in a dry place when not used. Consult your dentist to know how you can keep the sweet smile forever.

About anti snore chin strap

The problem of snoring can be resolved by using chin strap. Popularly called the jaw supporter, it covers the back of your head and across the jaw. It aims to hold the jaw at the right place while you are sleeping. As such, the snorer cannot open the mouth when sleeping. Read to know some benefits of easy breathe anti breathe chin strap.

  • You can wear it easily on the most sensitive mouth parts.
  • A stopgap solution is a strap that allows you to conduct research on your options and get rid of the fascination that might come with sleep apnea.
  • It will enable you to know the right jaw posture. Thus, you can breathe properly while sleeping.

About nasal strips

Nasal strips are used to overcome the problem of any blockage or congestion in the nose. They help reduce snoring and the noise associated with it. In reality, they are used by the people who need nasal obstructions such as deviated septum, polyps or stuffy nose. They may happen due to allergies or cold. However, the blockage of polyps or deviated septum cannot be suffered for long. As such, the use of nasal strip can help to clear nose blockage so that you can breathe easily. This will also help prevent further nose congestion and stay fit.