Sound Sleep with Easy Breathe

Hello Readers, Today I am going to share with you a miraculous product Easy Breathe Nasal Strips. Blocked nose is a very common issue in today’s world and only people handling these can actually understand the issues it takes up. If you are affected by nasal congestions, or if your nose is blocked as of allergies or cold, you might be able to understand how it affects your life as well as those of the people around you. Snoring sleeps cannot only annoy you but also affect your partner’s sleep. Also, the sleep troubles can cause you nostalgic all day. Easy Breathe Nasal Strips is your solution to great sound sleep.

How to Use?
Firstly, you need to wipe your nose dry to avoid any oiliness to ensure the grip stays firm on your nose. Gently peel the liner of the sticky part over the strip and place it on your nose. Check for the positioning of the strip to be correct on your nose and you are good to go.

How it Works?
It soothes your breathe by opening up the nasal passage to suppress congestion and thus relieve breathing problem and loud snore. Regular usage might help regulate breathe and thus fully eliminate snoring problems. Other issues like blockages due to cold or allergy can also be avoided using this miraculous product Easy Breathe Nasal Strips .

Customer Reviews
There is a huge mass of people that have been benefited from this amazing product. There has been no mixed experience regarding this product at least this far. Sales have been hitting heights as more and more number of people are gaining sound sleep with Easy Breathe Nasal Strips . There has been constant reach for the product in the market.

One of the customer, shares his experience with us stating ,” Constant loud snoring during midnight sleep had affected my personal life. It was not only disturbing my sleep , but also leading to arguments with my annoyed wife. Consulted to several doctors we gained no help. Then one day, a friend of mine recommended me of this Easy Breathe Nasal Strips. Believe me guys, it has changed my whole life. Now I can sleep comfortably without any fear of disturbing people around me. Also, the suffocation in midnights and breathing issues have gone. It was such a help.”

Not only one, but there is a huge list of such happy satisfied customer behind the Easy Breathe Nasal Strips. It works evenly well with breathing issues as a cause of infections or allergies and one strip can be effectively used up to 12 hours. Have you tried it?

We are a EasyBreathe , we manufacture products for making life easier and comfortable. Our major successful products are , Easy Breathe Nasal Strips for relieving respiration, Easy Breathe Anti snore chin strap for sound sleep without snore and Mouth piece with anti bacterial case to avoid teeth grinding. You can contact us at or even ping us at our Facebook page.

Mouthguards help to keep sweet smile on your face

Health care providers have various responsibilities that include educating athletes, parents, officials and trainers about the importance of using mouthguards. They help to prevent orofacial injuries when worn at the time of extracurricular activities.

In today’s world, both kids and adults take part in different activities where disturbance may occur to the orofacial regions starting from a pickup basketball game to organized professional sports. Thus, with the increase in several sports, there are more chances of orofacial injuries taking place.

Mouthguards that fit properly provide complete protection against pain to the teeth and orofacial injuries. They also support tissues such as the cheeks, lips and tongue.

There are three categories of easybreathe mouth guard and these include:

Type I: Stock

Type II: Mouth-formed

Type III: Custom-fabricated

Type I – These are low-priced than other options and provide least amount of protection. You can purchase stock mouthguards at different sports good stores. The mouthguard is worn without any fitting and removed from the package. Athletes who wear these mouthguards will most probably find difficulty in speaking, breathing and gagging due to the weight of the material. Besides, these mouthguards are the least retentive.

Type II – These mouthguards are popularly called the “boil and bite” mouthguards. Thy can be purchased at different sports stores are commonly used. They are boiled in water and some attempts are taken to fit them perfectly. Usually, there is an irregular distribution of material that may occur due to volatility. For example, the mouthguard may be thick at the edge or thin over occlusal surfaces. They tend to have bite-through problems and there is a shortage of structural integrity over time. There is low protection with this type of mouthguard, however slightly more than not wearing any mouthguard.

Type III – These mouthguards are custom-made that are believed to be the best when compared to others. They can be made with a pressure machine or a vacuum. They are more protective due to close adaptation of mouthguard to the athlete’s dentition and intra-oral anatomical features. This type of mouthguard can fit easily, provide protection, ease of speaking and breathing, acceptance as well as compliance when compared to the othet two types of mouthguards.

Mouthguards are extremely important in the prevention of orofacial and other injuries. Fabrication of the mouthguard is quite easy that require using minimal materials. The individuals who take part in different games should wear easybreathe mouth guard in order to protect them from any kind of injury that may occur while playing.