Nasal strips – Are they the right solution for your problems?

Nasal strips, also known as nose sprays and nasal drops, help in right functioning of the respiratory system. In simple words, nasal strip is a pad fixed with plastic bands. The pad is placed across the nose in order to straighten the bands for opening up the valve of the nose and lifting the sides of the nose. It allows air to flow smoothly while you enjoy having tight sleep. Strips are used for clearing nose blockage that happens due to cold, allergies and sinus. They are also using for sleep apnea and during sleep when you snore.

Nasal strips and their function

Nasal strips are drug free. These mechanical devices work to make breathing easy by
keeping the nostrils open. Nasal strips are placed across the nose and worn overnight
before going to bed. The strips straighten and lift the sides of the nose which enables air to flow freely.

An important question that arises is “Will nasal strips work for you?” Well, the answer to it is, “it depends.” If you suffer from nasal allergies or congestion quite often, then they may be fine for you. But, if your condition is severe such as nasal polyps or deviated septum, then nasal strips are not at all suitable for you. In case you do not snore through nose, then you should not use easy breathe nasal strip.

The truth about nasal strips

Human beings snore for several reasons. Some may snore due to the soft tissue present within the throat. This may get relaxed and block the passage of air thus, leading to snore. Others may do so because they face a difficult time when breathing through the nose at night. Thus, the reason why you snore at the initial stage will help determine if nasal strips are a good choice for your situation.

Are you amongst those individuals who find it quite difficult to sleep having their mouth closed during night? Well, this may be due to sinus getting clogged or some kind of relief with nasal strips. This is definitely a worthy try for the ones who wake up having a dry mouth and clogged sinus. You can get further relief with a saline nasal spray daily together with nasal strips. The combination of these things may provide all the needed help in order to overcome the problem of snoring completely.

The best way to find out if nasal strips are the right choice is to buy them and give them a try. Although they may or may not help you with snoring, yet they will enable you to breathe better. If you find easy breathe nasal strip do not provide any help, then you will have to look for another solution for snoring problem.

Ease your breath and make it congestion-free

How does want a sleepless night or disturbed slumber due to own snoring or of the person sleeping beside? Come on, you must not disturb a sound sleep of anyone including you when by following certain easy steps you can get rid of it! There are many reasons why people snore. However, it can be genetic too. Anyway, below are the easy natural steps helping you to have a congestion free sound sleep.

The reasons that inflict you to snore whenever you fall asleep or drowsy are as follows:

  • These days obesity has become a big problem as people are busy at work or school and time to release the lipid layers of the body is tough to find. But gaining weight is however one of the main causes why you snore.
  • Resting tone of your muscles are disturbed if you intake too much of alcohol or sedative. Moreover if you drink alcohol 4-5 hours before going to bed, it makes the situation worse. Even people who do not snore normally will start roaring if they drink, as doctors put in.
  • Sleep hygiene is another important factor that is perhaps not maintained these days. A minimum slumber of 7-8 hours a day is required by an adult. Inadequate sleep makes your muscle overtired after a long exhausting day and thereby making your muscles floppy when you finally retire for the day. This too results in snoring.
  • Genetic reasons are also at work when you sleep congesting the nasal passage and resulting in snoring. Moreover postures in which you lie down may also contribute in snoring. You may go for yoga for such cases or often changing the pillows may help. Hot shower before going to bed may be helpful in reducing the congestion.
  • Apart from the aforementioned reasons, cold and allergies are also responsible to make you snore.

But these easy ways often fail to stop you from snoring or all of them might be hard for you to follow at a time. There comes the necessity to go for Easy Breathe Nasal Strip that eases your breaths and gives you a sound congestion-free sleep to wake up to a new and energetic day!

Nasal strips help to reduce the intensity or even can stop snoring. When deviated septum or cold do not let you breathe easily, it is really difficult for you to get a sound good night sleep. Nasal strips play a remarkable role in rendering all the essentialities that leads to you a tranquil slumber. However, choosing the right brand is no doubt an important task and it applies for anything you buy. You must be aware of what suits you the best and whether you can continue with it in the long run since too much switching of brands can also hamper the function it is likely to offer you.

So, no more worries and no more wait, opt for Easy Breathe Nasal Strips to sleep and let sleep better!