How Nasal Strip can help you to Sleep Peacefully

Are you suffering from nasal congestion due to flu, cough and cold, sinus pressure or some sort of allergic reaction in the respiratory tract? Here is short guide to explain, how using nasal strip at bedtime can help to get undisturbed sleep.

One of the major reasons for nasal congestion due to the abovementioned problems is the persistence of inflammation in the respiratory tract tissues. In general antihistamine based medicines are recommended to get rid of the allergens. The routine medical treatment may take some time to induce effect. However, sleeping well during the recovery period is extremely important to prevent blockage in the respiratory tract due to lack of proper air flow can nose snoring. Apart from noisy and disturbed sleep, this can lead to cardiac problems. Wearing the nasal strip can be an effective way to get rid of the problem at night for peaceful sleep.

Easy Breathe Nasal Strip Design
Some people have nasal blockage at night due to clogged debris in the air tract and other associated reasons. The nasal strips also called ‘anti snore strips’ are developed with advanced design to keep the airways wide open for problem-free breathing without any vibration in the tissues of the passage. The spring-like bands on the Easy Breathe nasal strips with convenient flexibility allow the users to stretch them to fit properly on the nose. The anti-allergic adhesive helps to keep the nasal strip in firm position throughout the night.

Directions for Proper Usage
• Clean your nose properly to remove natural oils that may loosen the adhesive. For best results wash your nose and pat dry.
• While placing the strip, peel the liners from either side to stretch it properly
• Now place the strip on the nose just at the midst position or at the entrant of the nostrils
• Press the strip firmly so that the pasting is firm throughout
• In the morning, wet the strip with water to remove it without any problem

How do the Nasal Strips Work?
The nasal strips are partially stretchable. When you place it properly on a position just above the nostrils, the band tends to get back to its normal shape widening the air passage for breathing. This reduces blockage as well as vibration of the airway tissues to prevent snoring. The nasal strips are also beneficial for people suffering from deviated septum, nasal congestion and bedtime snoring problems due to overweight. The mechanism works with the same efficiency even if you are not under any medication.

It is important to note that you can find relief with nasal congestion and snoring problems by wearing a nasal strip at bedtime. However, if you have mouth snoring problem or sleep apnea disorder, it is essential to seek doctor’s advice to find the right remedy. In common, the physicians mainly recommend the Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) therapy for best results. The CPAP can be combined with other treatments like anti snore strips, teeth grinding mouth guard and other anti-snore treatments if required.

Use Anti Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard to Prevent Bruxism Disorder

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a sleep disorder often goes unnoticed until someone else notices it or you start facing the after effects. If anyone in your family is affected due to teeth clenching or grinding complication it is advisable to use the anti teeth grinding mouth guard at bedtime. Before explaining how this can help, here is some important information worth consideration about the Bruxism disorder.

Health Effects of Teeth Grinding
Some teeth grinding related health complications can occur for long duration while others are minor short-term occurrences. The long-term bruxism disorder may include
•Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
•Tooth enamel damage and breakages due to wearing

The short-term complications are not very severe but can cause significant discomfort. These symptoms include
•Pain in the ears
•Facial Myalgia or pain in the facial muscles and jaws
•Stiffness in the shoulder muscles
•Problem with mouth opening and chewing
•Disturbed sleep and fatigue
•Inflammation and swelling in the gums

Causes of Teeth Grinding during Sleep
Bruxism symptoms can be evident in a person due to several reasons such as extreme stress or anxiety level, frustration, people with hyperactive or aggressive personality etc. Sometimes children have minor teeth grinding problems that eventually reduce with ageing. Too much of caffeine consumption in coffee and soft drinks, smoking, drinking alcohol or taking intoxicated substances like methamphetamine can aggravate the teeth grinding complications.

Effective Remedy to Prevent Bruxism at Bedtime
The anti teeth grinding mouth guard is very helpful in protecting your teeth enamel and gums from wearing, breakages or hurts during sleep. Some branded products like the Easy Breathe Mouth Guard are approved by NHS and have been found safe and effective for long-term usage. The anti teeth grinding mouthpiece is also helpful for preventing some other sleep disorders like mouth snoring and heavy breathing problems.

Why is Easy Breathe Mouth Guard Good Bruxism Suffers?
The Easy Breathe Mouth Guard helps you to prevent teeth grinding at bedtime without the need of taking any oral medicines or other forms of medical treatment. The mouthpiece comfortably holds the lower jaws in front position to allow air passage through the mouth without any obstruction. It also creates a barrier between the teeth in the upper and lower jaws to prevent further enamel decaying or breakages. Restricting the improver movement of the jaws and holding the tongue in proper place, it allows free air passage for regular breathing in mouth snoring patients.
This highly rated product has been manufactured with food grade material that is safe to wear for long hours. The design of this mouthpiece is suitable for convenient fitting. You can use the spatula provided in the box to insert the mouth guard into the jaw line and get the right fitting in just a couple of minutes.

Cleaning and storing your Easy Breathe Mouthpiece is very simple. Follow the user manual provided inside the package for more details. For best maintenance, always store your mouth guard in the bacteria resistant storage case. This airtight case is traveler friendly, so you can carry your mouth guard during long tours.