Effective Remedy for Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Disorder

Introduction to Teeth Grinding/Bruxism

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a disorder mainly occurring during the sleep. The estimation by the medical researchers reveals that about 50% of the people worldwide have this complication of certain level. However, the statistics of people actually recognizing the presence of the problem is less than 10%. In majority of the people, this slight problem often stays unnoticed. Nevertheless, those with the severe complications suffer from enamel decaying and most importantly Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). The Temporomandibular Joint keeps the upper and the lower jaws connected. The constant movement causes chronic headaches, jaw pain and swelling, shoulder and stomach pain etc.

Treatment for Bruxism

People suffering from additional health complications are often not recommended medicines for the teeth grinding treatment. If you wish to skip medicines or seeking a convenient alternative, the anti teeth grinding mouth guard can effectively address the complication. When it comes to choosing the most trusted product, the NHS approved and medically recommended Easy Breathe Mouth guard is the ultimate choice.

About Easy Breathe Mouth Guard

The anti teeth grinding mouth guard helps in coping with a number of sleep disorder problems like snoring, teeth grinding, TMJ, heavy breathing etc. The Easy Breathe mouthpiece has an advanced design that fits into your jaws without causing discomfort, pain or bacterial contact during usage. It is safe and highly effective product that has been approved by a group of specialists after a series of tests conducted on Bruxism patients.

How to Use the Easy Breathe Mouth Guard

The Easy Breathe mouthpiece is very convenient to use. At bedtime, you need to wear it properly on your lower jaws after brushing the teeth. If you are the first time user, follow the instruction manual with the images properly before wearing. Insert the mouthpiece slowly and carefully into the jaw line as per directions. A plastic fitting spatula is provided with every mouthpiece that you can use to fit the mouthpiece in proper position.

The mouthpiece holds the lower jaw comfortably in a forward position to keep passage for airflow. This product is also recommended by the NHS physicians for patients suffering from mouth snoring. The mouthpiece keeps the airway sufficiently open for air passage and restricts the tongue from blocking the free airflow.
The Easy Breathe Mouth Guard comes in an anti-bacterial travel storage case. You can keep your mouthpiece in it after using and even carry it in the box in case you are on the way to the holiday tour. This product is highly affordable compared to those provided to the patients at the dental clinics. The customized fitting and anti-bacterial protection ensures complete comfort and freedom from any sort of pain or oral allergic reactions.

Caution: When purchasing anti teeth grinding mouth guard online or over the counter, it is essential to ensure you do not purchase cheap and toxic plastic products. The toxin content can be harmful for health, lead to formation of mouth ulcers etc. Over the time, the bacterial contact can trigger oral diseases. Always ensure that your product is anti-bacterial and manufactured with food grade material.

Nasal strips are the perfect remedy for snoring

Of all minor health problems that one could face, sleep apnea or snoring is the worst of all. To put it simply, apnea during sleep is the condition where a person fails to breathe through the nose sufficiently and has to resort to mouth inhalation. This is completely unhealthy, as nose breathing offers the benefits of disinfecting and warming the inhaled air before it reaches the body. Sleep apnea is usually the manifestation of certain metabolic or physiological conditions in the body, such as diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety disorders, thyroid problems and most commonly, nasal congestion. Any obstruction in the upper respiratory tract can lead to snoring. The latter may not have severe health implications, but does impact the quality of the sufferer’s life to a sizeable extent. Sleeping with someone having snoring problems is quite irritating and causes huge sleep disturbances. Thus snoring needs immediate attention in the form of remedies.

Throughout the years, several snoring remedies have emerged. Unfortunately none of them guarantee success and their effects are reversible. However nasal strips lie a notch above all such apnea remedies, as they work faster and have the potential to even alleviate snoring in some cases. Moreover nasal strips form a very safe alternative to surgery, which is invasive and carry the risk of infection.

The causes of snoring are as varied as the number of people facing it. Apnea is usually triggered after a certain age, though it may manifest under special disorders too. A classic cause of apnea is a tilted or deviated septum, in which the septum or the hard cartilage of the nose is unevenly slanted, thus blocking one of nostrils and providing an obstruction to inhalation. This makes breathing extremely difficult and triggers the need to opt for apnea remedies. Nasal strips provide ease of nasal breathing and offer the following benefits:

•With their smooth and sleek appearance, these strips serve the purpose too well. They are designed to fit every nose type as they are extremely flexible and can be stretched to attach to the septum and pull open the nasal passages. Also being made up of safe skin-friendly materials like nylon and polypropylene, these strips never cause any side effects to the wearer and work well even for people who possess skin allergies. Thus they are compatible with every skin type.

•Nasal strips may be used at any time of the day. Although they are marketed for people who suffer from breathing problems during night sleep, their ease of usage makes them suitable for any time of the day.

•These strips basically work by gentle outward pulling of the nostrils, so as to unblock nasal passages and allow sufficient nose inhalation. Thus these strips may be used for apnea under special conditions too, like travelling to high altitude regions, swimming or during nasal congestion caused by common cold. Professional athletes in fact may be seen with these strips on the snouts of their nose, in order to increase oxygen/air supply to the muscles and perform better than others in the competition.

Thus, as explained in the aforementioned points, nasal strips are surely a boon for people with incessant snoring problems!