Nasal strips are a foolproof remedy to incessant snoring

Snoring is a universal problem among middle-aged people. It not only triggers sleep deprivation but also is demonstrative of some minor or major breathing problem. Snoring occurs as a desperate attempt of the body to inhale sufficient amounts of air from the air of the surrounding. In normal individuals, the nose participates in this act, but people with blocked nasal passages or those affected by cold and chest congestion fail to breathe by the nose and thus have to resort to the mouth for inhalation. Mouth breathing is very unhealthy especially because the mouth, unlike the nose does not possess the requisite apparatus to disinfect and warm the inhaled air. This exposes the interiors of the body to the chilled and infected inhaled air which can aggravate the disease condition or even introduce new ones. Thus snoring occurs mostly due to mouth breathing. Sometimes snoring is also a physical manifestation of inherent sleep disorders and mental conditions, such as anxiety disorders and depression. Snoring may be triggered by age, diabetes and obesity too. Irrespective of the actual trigger, it is essentially irreversible and manages to persist throughout the lifetime of an individual.

The act of snoring involves repeated whizzing sounds which continue throughout the entire duration of one’s sleep. The actual frequency and tone of snores vary among individuals and may be extremely loud and disturbing in some cases. Thus needless to say, snoring has a strong negative impact on daily life as it creates immense sleep disturbances to both the person affected as well as his/her sleeping partner. Remedies to this problem may involve yoga and breathing exercises which may lessen snoring to a huge extent, but for a quick solution, nasal strips are an ideal option.

Nasal strips are horizontal strips that provide instant relief to snoring. They are spring-like lofty bands which lift and pull open the nasal passages to enable better breathing and negate the need for mouth inhalation. This not only allows a disturbance-free sleep but also improves the condition of blocked airways. Since nasal strips are drug free, they can be used safely by people from many different age groups and disease conditions without the risk of side-effects. Most nasal strips are of tan colour to suit the skin tone which allows people to adopt to their use easily and use them on a daily basis without embarrassment. Over the years, nasal strips have helped up to 90% snorers to alleviate the problem of mouth breathing and sleep better. In few cases they also manage to eliminate the problem of snoring altogether, although this is quite a rarity. Nasal strips are strong, elastic and flexible, this allows them to fit all kinds of nose sizes ideally without falling off in the middle of the night. They produce consistent results and are surprisingly easy to wear.

Nasal strips are usually made of materials like nylon or fiber. They can be safely used by people prone to skin allergies too, as these strips do not contain heavy metals or organic irritants. One can avail them from the nearest supplier.