About Easybreathe

Easybreathe is one of the leading brand in the Europe, having been at the fore front of developing snore relief products for over 10 years. Our product development team is working really hard for longer period of time to ensure the best quality product. Its clinically proven by scientists that Easybreathe nasal strips helps to breathe better and sleep better by gently opens nasal passage.

If you are feeling any of the below
  • Are you or your family members effected by snoring or nasal congestions?
  • Is stuffiness caused by cold and allergies keeping you awake at night?
  • Is your snoring keeping your partner awake at night?
  • is your partners snoring keeping you awake at night?
  • Do you want to help someone stop snoring and troubled sleep?
  • Tired of not getting a good Night sleep because of nasal blockage?
  • want to feel confident and relaxed while going away?
  • Deprived of sleep, feeling tired during the day?

Then we got solution for you
Easybreathe nasal strips gently opens nasal passage to breathe better, relieve nasal congestion and reduce snoring. It open your nose to help you breathe easily by providing relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness which can be caused by colds and allergies. By allowing easier breathing through the nose instead of the mouth. Easybreathe nasal strips may help to reduce or even eliminate snoring.
  • Opens nasal passage to breathe easy
  • Relief from stuffiness caused by colds and allergies.
  • Relieve nasal congestion.
  • Reduce snoring.

Direction for use

It’s really easy to apply. Just follow the four easy steps.

Wipe your nose and dry to ensure the strip sticks firmly.


Peel the liners and place the strip on your nose.


Press down both the ends firmly.


Remove the strips while washing your face or bath.


Water can make it very easy to remove. Dont remove it directly as it may damage your skin.

Easybreathe PRODUCTS

Our range of Products with multiple sizes will help you to eradicate your sleeping disturnance and make daily life smoother. Available for all adults male or female. Choose your best fit size to your night peaceful.

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